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5 Tips for Writing Children’s Books

Writing children’s books isn’t as easy as it might sound to some aspiring authors. When writing for a younger audience, many would think it’s a lot simpler because you only need to appeal to a young, “simple” mind.  Surprisingly, empirical research reveals that writing for children can be as complicated as writing for adults, so here are some tips for creating a successful children’s book: Determine and define the real target audience Who are you writing for? Which age group are you concentrating on?  You’ll need to decide whether it will be preschoolers, kindergarteners, or 1st through 5th graders.  [...]

Using Amazon Keyword Tags To Increase Book Sales

One can easily discover -when researching facts about SEO -an ongoing debate among marketers about keyword tags.  Just how useful are they, really?  Somehow the effectiveness of keyword insertions seems a little ironic, perhaps, to a novice.  This could be partly because every book sold on Amazon can be “tagged” with certain key words and this enhances the opportunity for that author’s work to be seen by potential buyers.  Yet experts in search engine optimization often claim the majority of these words when used as ‘tags’ are of little value.  Let’s take a quick look at both sides of [...]

10 Ways to Promote Your Book for Under Fifty Dollars

Proven writers and aspiring authors tend to have this much in common when it comes to marketing their books; this kind of thought goes through their mind: “Oh man, it will cost me a bundle to get the word out there.”  This article will attempt to take some stress away from the process of marketing your creation. Here’s ten tips for the budget-conscious novice or the proven pro who needs to keep his costs down: Let free publicity be your first no-brainer Step one for announcing your new book should be to write a press release about it and [...]

6 Reasons Why Authors Use a Pen Name

A pen name is also known as a pseudonym; basically, this strategy is taken when a writer feels the need to obscure or hide his or her real name for a variety of purposes.  Here are six reasons for taking on a fake entity as a writer: One British writer of fiction who was interviewed during a podcast expressed the need for certain writers to “tie your name to a genre.” According to research, that’s one popular reason for assuming a pen name.  Some writers, for example, those who write thrillers for a living, have come up with names [...]