Writing Services

Writing Services2018-09-28T15:08:10-05:00

Dragon’s Press provides the writing talent necessary for you to be published and achieve success in today’s marketplace of literature.  Primarily, we provide you with these services:

  • editing for content
  • editing for grammar & punctuation
  • layout & formatting
  • publishing – print as well as digital
  • design
  • covers

In addition, you will want to consult with us about a comprehensive set of editorial services designed to suit your pre-publishing needs.  You really should consider that “word-smith” aspects of your job do not end with the text between the covers of your book.  For example, you may wish to ‘tease’ your subject matter on a Facebook fan page.  What should you include?  What should you not include?  Should the tone sound like ad copy?  These are all the types of questions we’re equipped to help you solve.  Let our knowledge and experience guide you until you reach your objective.