Writing Contests

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One of the features to our website we’re most excited about is the chance for you to enter and win prizes with our writing contests.  All current contests will be displayed below along with contest rules, requirements, and how to submit your work. Just sign up and enter for a small fee if applicable (which will vary by contest).  Then perform a writing task, submit a poem, share a segment of your latest work, or take part in another challenge and compete for prizes including the mention of your work in our “Wizard Alchemy” Gazette newsletter that is distributed to all subscribers of our Dragon’s Press Membership or in our release of our Annual Collections. Often these contests lead to cash prizes as well.

Taking part in our writing contests does not require a membership; however, you will be kept up to date with upcoming contests and their requirements if you do register and join our Dragon’s Press Membership. For more information about the membership and its benefits or to join click here.

Current Writing Contests

Unfortunately, there is not a contest running at this time. Please return for updates or join our Dragon’s Press Membership to be kept in the loop of all upcoming writing contests and news.