• 264 Pages A Federal Law created to address a racial inequity destroys Edward Givens’ life making him a racist.  Ironically, Edward contends with reverse discrimination in the workplace.   This is the story of Edward and the people in his world.   It is a tale of flawed and frayed humanity.  He meets the love of his life amidst his ongoing turmoil.  The series explores how love can change someone for the better, sexual preferences, pain, alcoholism, loss of faith and how faith can heal in any adverse situation.  God is always present whether we know it, or not.
  • 238 pagesTale Of The Chameleon, A Memoir: How I Loved, Married and Survived a Covert Narcissist with 25 Relationship Rules to Live By.” Do you really KNOW who your partner is? This book describes a Covert Narcissist and how to avoid the pitfalls in your relationship; even when and how to tuck in your tail and RUN! Dezaraé lived the nightmare and barely survived the Narcissist she calls the “Warden.” She now is helping you and others to avoid the same mistakes she made: her concessions that led to her being SUICIDAL. This is a MUST READ for every person entering into a relationship or having trouble in the one they are currently in.  
  • 486 Pages, Hardcover Edition "Catherine's Men, A Historical Biography" Catherine’s Men” is the uplifting true story of Lady Catherine Nabokov, a Russian Aristocrat, suffering through the Russian Revolution, escaping to immigrate to Canada, and the accounts of her relationships with men.   It is the story of how she persevered to overcome the losses, the abuse and broken trust and how her faith guided her to survive.  Though difficult, she builds a life of respect and admiration in Edmonton, Alberta.  Everyone can look to her story to know hope is always present while faith guides you.
  • 336 Pages, Hardcover Edition, LCCN= 2019909714 "Mohammad's Betrayal of Islam, A Biography and Analysis" This biography provides a detailed, thorough, historical exposé and analysis of Mohammad’s life, how he personally transformed the peaceful religion of Islam through his influence, the ramifications of his teachings and an examination of Islamic culture.