Creating the perfect manuscript takes more than one set of eyes to review the work to ensure that all errors have been corrected. Trust your work with our literary experts to provide an in-depth review searching for common mistakes from grammatical and spelling issues to deeper stylistic issues. You want people talking about your book – Just not the mistakes they’ve noticed are in your book.

Our Editorial Package is the perfect fit for the author that has everything they need to publish and launch their book except the second set of eyes to review their work. Pairs well with our Marketing Package to help get the word out about your newly polished book.

Only select the editorial services you need and never anything more. Our goal is to help authors reach their targeted audience and produce the best works they can. Editorial Packages can include:


This general book editing and proofreading targets the technical aspects of writing.  We’ll thoroughly review your work for common errors relating to grammar, spelling, capitalization, and structure.


An index allows your readers to find information within your text with ease. This is an ideal option for authors of nonfictional text, corporate materials, cookbooks, and school book texts. We can edit and format your book to accurately portray an index you supply, or we’ll read through your manuscript and create an appropriate index for your text.

Advance Copyediting:

A deep, more detailed look into your manuscript for more than just spelling and punctuation errors. Our experts will go line by line, word by word to ensure that all technical and grammatical aspects of your work are corrected and publish-ready. They’ll also check for

  • syntax and word-choice errors,
  • plot holes,
  • overall readability,
  • consistency in plot’s time line,
  • proper character development,
  • properly structured sentences (e.g. “run-on sentences”), and

For nonfiction titles, our advance copyediting option will ensure that the information and ideas displayed are accurate and consistent across your manuscript.