Mohammad's Betrayal of Isdlam

A Biography and Analysis

Mohammad’s Betrayal of Islam, A Biography and Analysis (Softcover)


336 Pages, Softcover Edition, LCCN= 2019909714

“Mohammad’s Betrayal of Islam, A Biography and Analysis”

This biography provides a detailed, thorough, historical exposé and analysis of Mohammad’s life, how he personally transformed the peaceful religion of Islam through his influence, the ramifications of his teachings and an examination of Islamic culture.


G. Guild has provided a comprehensive biography of Mohammad’s life: from his youth, through his development, with his learning of faith as received from a Nestorian Monk and a myriad of Jews and Christians, through his ‘enlightenment’ and subsequent teachings to Arabs of his determination of what purity and faith should be, as well as the inclusion of the differences which occurred as a result of the failure of him to be accepted as a Prophet.  He extensively documents the resultant differences in culture from the inception of ‘Mohammad’s Law’ through to this day as demonstrated by his obedient zealous followers.  Prior to Mohammad’s overtaking of Islam, it was a religion of peace.  He extrapolates from Mohammad’s life experiences, personality and medical afflictions the reasons Mohammad performed an ‘about turn,’ reversing the focus of his teachings away from purity and righteousness to an emphasis on violence, domination and subjugation.  Mohammad’s new teachings have impacted the world since 632 A.D. causing perpetual strife with Western societies who developed thriving, freedom centric ideals which are diametrically opposed to Islamic ideals: the two cannot mix.


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