ISBNs & Barcodes

ISBNs & Barcodes2018-09-28T14:43:03-05:00

ISBN numbers and barcoding are items we know in business as “details.” But they are unavoidable details. To illustrate this point, authors know that an ISBN can play a large role in how a finished book is distributed.  Because we realize this, our consulting team can guide you into matters like how and where you can purchase an ISBN.  Are barcodes automatically generated with the production of my book?  How can I gain the most control over the distribution of my work?  How much will each of these steps cost?

We will also cover with you all the turn-around times involved in completing these vital steps.

Our specialists will coach you on the difference between ISBNs and barcodes.  Will you need to purchase a barcode with the ISBN?  This is the kind of question(s) our team is qualified and willing to answer.