Your written manuscript will be worded in a specific sequence.  And the succession of those words needs to be protected.  No one wants their creative product to be stolen.  Copywriting, as a legal term, protects what you composed – keeping someone else from stealing your intellectual property.

Remember, an idea – by itself – cannot be protected.  But a sequence of words, such as your manuscript for a book or novel, can be guarded from theft.  As an author there are certain steps you can take to keep your content, or manuscript, safe.

Protect your book’s content with Dragon’s Press expertise

Our team of pre-production and publishing experts will guide you, every step of the way, toward the protection of your work.  If you are an author, aspiring book writer, or just wish to gather information before attempting to publish, Dragon’s Press offers you the kind of expertise you’ll need to grasp all copywrite laws along with their nuances.

Contact one of our consultants today and we’ll gladly discuss the next steps you will need toward legally protecting your publication.  We fully appreciate the time and effort you had to put forth to complete it.