Content Layout & Formatting

Content Layout & Formatting2018-09-28T22:12:20-05:00

Your publication needs more than just great wording to be effective.  The visual layout needs to be inviting to the eye.  How do you design your formatting and content graphics to achieve maximum appeal?

Dragon’s Press has the design and layout expertise you can depend on to make this happen.  We have years of experience laying out pages that gather attention.  We also realize that once you draw the eye of the reader you need to keep his/her attention focused there.  Also, design considerations such as type size and font -both matter! How the text lays out on the page is equally important.  How do pictures relate to, and support, your content? These are the kinds of considerations the layout professionals at Dragon’s Press will take seriously.  Our formatting professional will work hand-in-hand with the content consulting team to make the overall finished product look its absolute best!

Keep in mind, ultimately, the work remains yours.  We ensure that you maintain full control of the project from start to finish!