Book & Cover Design

Book & Cover Design2018-09-28T22:11:48-05:00

The cover of a book is the first thing that will ‘hook’ your readers.  It is like having a billboard attached to your story; using vibrant images and striking fonts to sell your audience into opening your publication.  As you might expect, a quality book cover can mean the difference between a successful story and a forgotten one.

At Dragon’s Press we can professionally design an appealing cover for all these forms: paperback (softcover), hardcover, audiobook, and/or e-book formats, while keeping it unique within the right market.  We also work hard to keep it true to your goals for writing it in the first place.  We also accept author supplied illustrations and cover designs.

We will focus on several considerations in perfecting your cover design, including the identification of your target audience and what tools will best attract them to your work.  We will also test different styles to help your book’s cover stand out; for instance, keeping the message of your cover from falling under some cliché.  Our team will also consider the kind of feeling the cover conveys, making sure it remains appealing to your target audience.

Here are some of your graphic options for developing your custom cover:

  • Choosing the best images from the web to include in the design
  • Submitting your ideas and sample illustrations
  • There is also a Customized Cover option where our illustrators will create an original piece. (additional fee)

Our mission is to help you achieve success.  An excellent cover design is a first step -a big step – to reaching that success. Talk to our consultants and obtain a free quote on your cover design today.