What design/layout services does Dragon’s Press offer?2018-08-15T03:44:51-05:00

Dragon’s Press provides editing, formatting, and proofreading, as well as page layout and cover design, which is vitally important to the appearance and ‘flow’ of the text. We provide layout and design services for hardcover, paperback (softcover), and leather-bound book publishing and layout and design services for digital or eBook publishing.

What literary works do you include in your service to authors?2018-08-15T03:43:03-05:00

Of course, Dragon’s Press will help you publish literary works, whatever the genre.  This process which calls for great attention to detail includes editorial review, copyrighting, cover design, layout design, formatting pages within your book, obtaining an ISBN, as well as the creation and production of digital and audio books.  We’ve also established an agreement with an outstanding company to handle registration and sales processes.

How long does it take to create a book?2018-08-15T03:51:49-05:00

Start to finish, we’re as competitive as anyone else in our industry.  In other words, our turn-around time rivals the best you can find.  It is important to note, the length of time it takes to get your book or literary work of art can vary based on its length and number (and extent) of services you desire from us. We will discuss a time table during our consultation so that you can have an accurate expectation of when you will be published.

How much do the services cost?2018-08-15T03:48:39-05:00

The cost of services depends on a list of variables – how large the book will be, how much do you want your cover to stand out, the extent of editing or proofreading you want (or need). During your initial consultation we’ll go over all of your publishing needs to determine an accurate estimate of services to be rendered.

We can promise a reasonable price that will be competitive compared to any other estimate you’ll receive with other publishers.

Once my book is published how will people find out about it?2018-08-15T03:40:18-05:00

We’re connected with some prominent and highly proven marketing experts. Once your book is produced, you can sit back and let our team of people get the word out and drive sales! Feel free to review our full list of Marketing and Distribution services for your paperback, hardcover, or eBook here.

Will I have input on the cover art, layout, and font?2018-07-16T05:57:51-05:00

Yes! The work you do is personal -it belongs to YOU.  Therefore, we’ll add our opinion and tell you what has worked for others in similar circumstances, but at the end of the day we listen to your desires and your goals, and then proceed accordingly.  Rest assured, you’ll maintain full control of all final decisions big or small throughout the process.

Has Dragon’s Press won any awards for their work?2018-07-16T05:57:13-05:00

As an Author, Venus wrote under a pen name and received a great review for her poetry book, Life Lines, and had her first two books featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  Venus also has earned Literary Awards for her writing.

Do you offer Ghost Writing services?2018-07-16T05:56:37-05:00

We aren’t big fans of accepting ghost writing contracts. Nothing against this popular arrangement, it certainly plays an integral part within the whole creative community of writers.  But here’s the point: We want our emphasis to be on feeding the creativity within each and every customer. Being hampered by the whims, desires, and story lines of another person completely contradicts this philosophy.   And because of this we devote our time and energy toward helping YOU succeed. Outside of a disability or physical impairment, we prefer to serve our artists in a no-ghost-writing zone.