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Express Yourself Today by submitting your poem or essay on the subjects listed below or your manuscript on virtually any subject.  Dragon’s Press is presenting an opportunity for the previously unheard voices of the poetic world to come to the forefront.  We are also looking for essays on political or social issues and your manuscripts for publication.  We welcome previously published poets, essayists and authors to submit unpublished works, as well.  We publish fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, short stories and anthologies of poetry and essays on any subjects, excluding pornography, animal abuse and hate speech.

Keep your wording clean and pure, no hate speech, no animal cruelty, no defamatory commentary will be allowed, no profanity will be, either.

We welcome forthright, thought provoking writing.  The best writing will be featured in Dragon’s Press venues.  We publish the superior entries submitted in our Gazette, “Wizard Alchemy.”  Once a year, Dragon’s Press will publish brief bios of all selected authors along with their works.  Your writing could be in these books!  This year’s books will be titled:

Silent Voices Heard, Poetry: Volume I,”


Silent Voices Heard, Essays: Volume I.”

These books will be published in the traditional, printed format, as well as electronically as eBooks.  They will be for sale on the web site by pre-order any time you want to reserve a copy.

Please keep each poetry submission to a maximum of 40 lines, which is far more than most contests allow; there is no minimum line count, however.  Write your poems using any subject, but here are a few suggestions listed below:

Midnight at the Oasis
Dusk or Twilight
Travel, in any Form
What’s Most Important in Life?
Love, in any Form
Dawning of a New Day
Faith, in any Form

Essay submissions must be no longer than 1500 words, be concise, well thought opinions delivered with consistent emphasis, as within debate evidence and summary.  Choose from the following subjects for your essay:

  • Should Sharia Law be Allowed in the US?
  • Is the Freedom of the Press being Abused?
  • Should Censorship be Allowed?
  • Gun Rights: Pro or Con?
  • Abortion: Pro or Con?
  • Should our Borders be Protected?
  • Should there be Pride in our Flag and Anthem?
  • How should we Treat our Veterans?
  • Should Law and Order be Enforced?
  • Sanctuary Cities & States: Should they Exist?
  • Black Lives Matter: Don’t All Lives Matter?
  • Antifa: Are They really Anti-Fascists?

Your manuscripts can be on any subject, fiction, biography, non-fiction, short story collections, a children’s book or a collection of poetry or collection of essays on various subjects.  Currently, we will be limiting the upload size to 5 MB, which would accommodate a few images of smaller sizes and your great work.

You can always send your poems, essays or manuscripts by mail to us at:

Dragon’s Press
Suite 101
1444 South Belcher Road
Clearwater, FL 33764

When you join the Dragon’s Press family, you will become part of an inspired, passionate, eclectic group of people.  To Dragon’s Press, each Member is a Member of our family; you aren’t just a number.  That’s why we look to you, the Members, for so much input.  We aren’t standing high up on a mountain, decreeing this and that.  We’re down in the poetry and essay trenches right with you, sharing the same joys and struggles that comprise a poet’s or essayist’s life.  We want you comfortable and happy.  That’s why our slogan is:  Dragon’s Press: where writers call home.

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