Authors who wish to undertake the process of self-publishing usually have a world of questions: How long will it take to do this myself?  How expensive is it, or how much can I save?  Handling the publishing yourself sounds ideal -as it may grant the author greater control over the entire publishing process -but what are the draw-backs?  What hurdles might come up if I undertake self-publishing?  What kinds of specialists will I still need even if I take this step on my own?

All of these are the kinds of questions we can answer for you.

Contact us to discuss your self-publishing options as well as any other aspects we can aid you in, including:

  • Reviewing your manuscript for editorial issues
  • Cover design
  • Page layout
  • Copywriting your work
  • Obtaining an ISBN and Barcode
  • Marketing your new book
  • Digitalizing your work as an eBook
  • Aiding you in mass distributing your work

Let us help you master the publishing process

Remember, our goal is to help you create your masterpiece and share it with the world.  We exist to streamline your experience as you progress toward launching your work into the literary market.  And remember, we always guarantee you’ll keep full control at every stage of the process, beginning to end!