Print on Demand

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Within the realm of digital media today there is a growing side to the problem-solving part of printing documents: printing pages on demand.  Beginning with Xerox’s award-winning DocuTech introduced in the 1990’s, the mass printing of books, manuals and other documents from a single digital image became reality.

Although desktop printing has been around for decades, the ability to alter text quickly using software and then print mass quantities at high speeds is a relatively recent development.  And now, due to more advancements in printing equipment, you have options to consider you would not have benefited from only a few years ago.

As a publishing consultant and production specialists we can answer questions like:

  1. Which is preferable, paperback, hardback, or both?
  2. How much control over the design (of a book cover, for instance) will I keep with POD?
  3. What are the costs involved with using a Print On Demand strategy?
  4.  When and how many books should I order?
  5. How will I distribute my books once they have been printed?

Print on Demand publishing service is an increasingly  popular service, especially for new writers and those who are unsure how many books they should print. Print on Demand publishing service allows the author to take the stress out of printing their work by opting to only print and distribute books when necessary. You can print as many books as you want or as many as the market demands, or you can print as few books as you think is necessary to meet your needs. Authors can choose to print one or thousands of their completed works, or have books printed only when an order is received.

Print on Demand is also beneficial for businesses to print training materials, instruction manuals, or employee guides with the same, if not better, quality as an office store printing service, and without any minimum order requirements.