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The more we speak with entrepreneurs today, the more we encounter what some have called “the paralysis of analysis.”  That is, what does a person do with all the options available today for marketing and distribution?  Advertising agencies today all come to clients ready to discuss a “mix” of media avenues for getting their message out.  Even for the lone author who will handle almost all of his own marketing, he must be aware of all the mediums available.  Then he or she must know how to use each one and which of them will prove to be cost-effective.

Marketing itself can mean a wide variety of avenues.  Our expert team knows what works and what doesn’t.

Book marketing avenues we specialize in

  • Amazon Look Inside Preview
  • Barnes & Noble Read Instantly
  • Google Books Preview
  • Kindle Book Preview
  • Publisher’s Social Media Blast
  • Author’s Social Media Guide
  • Dragon’s Press Newsletter Announcement
  • Promotional Materials
  • Author Website Design and Development
  • Press Release Campaign
  • Google Search Engine Marketing
  • Bookstore and Signings & Appearances
  • Public Library Readings
  • Registration with Books In Print® database
  • Book Commercial Video With Voice Over
  • Featurette in BookMad
  • And more!

Distribution is yet another important consideration, with its own set of factors.  We have helped numerous authors and artists distribute their finished work with our connections with online and brick & mortar bookstores and retail chains.  Set up a free consultation with us today.  We can certainly help you plan the most efficient and most effective means of distributing what you worked so hard to complete.