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Digital Publishing2018-09-28T21:52:51-05:00

We are in a new world when it comes to publishing technologies.  In so many ways, today’s authors have less expensive options available to them in comparison to the writers who produced literary work back in the nineties.  Then there’s the speed issue.  Through digital avenues, today’s authors can send their work to a location far away and have the manuscript printed super quickly, bound, and distributed with breath-taking speed!

Our expertise in the publishing field can help you take the steps to become the author you always knew you could be.

We’ll help you

  • put your manuscript on the digital market by uploading it as an eBook
  • upload your paper manuscript to a digital form for ease of editing and publishing
  • go digital regardless of your location; isn’t technology great?

However, the options available to you might be so vast that you need consultation to utilize it all in the best way.  Our devoted team at Dragon’s Press stands equipped -abreast of the latest advancements in technology -to help you understand your choices.  Whether you wish to save a little money, or, you are willing to pay a little more for speed and ease of distribution, we have answers that can make your life easier!