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In March of 2015 we began as a talented two-person team, a partnership we named after ourselves: Venus and Langley.  When we formed Dragon’s Press we had a clear objective in mind: To provide you with an honest, one-stop service geared toward artists and writers.  This was all so you could be successful.  Hence, it is very important to us to deliver more to you than our competition.

Today, Venus serves as President and Founder, and is known as the creative force behind our service.  Langley became the Chief Executive Officer and customers now see him as the “driving force” facilitating our team’s growth.

Venus and Langley have always believed we are book dragons, not worms, and we bring a passion for writing and reading.  We got into this business with a mission to promote avid readership traits and effective writing skills.  However, this is all secondary to our primary goal: See to it that passionate writers, like you, get published!

We believe in the possibilities that exist in each and every human being to create something, something that speaks with their own personal voice. Dragon’s Press will turn dross into gold and create gems and beauty whence there was none with your work(s).  We have faith in the book dragons out there – masters of creation who envelope their individual desire for freedom to express their own creativity.

We realize this industry has been cutthroat for aspiring authors and thus we desire to be a force for good.  Too many production houses can be found stealing and not delivering.  We aim to change that situation.

What geographical areas do we serve?

Dragon’s Press is set up to use all the electronic technologies feasible, so we don’t need to restrict our reach when connecting with people.  Especially when it comes to on-demand printing, we can serve someone in Los Angeles as easily as we could, say, St. Paul, Minnesota.  Our publishing house is headquartered out of Clearwater, Florida, and yet our goal is to become a global provider of writing, print, and graphic services.

What services does Dragon's Press provide?

We help writers bring their books to the masses. Whether that entails us providing services like editing for content, editing for grammar and punctuation, layout and formatting, giving mentorship, design, covers or even helping writers to obtain an ISBN or barcodes for their work – we do it! All the way to publishing their book in print or even digitally, and providing post-publishing services like marketing, advertising, promotion, and distribution of their work.