10 Ways to Promote Your Book for Under Fifty Dollars

Proven writers and aspiring authors tend to have this much in common when it comes to marketing their books; this kind of thought goes through their mind: “Oh man, it will cost me a bundle to get the word out there.”  This article will attempt to take some stress away from the process of marketing your creation. Here’s ten tips for the budget-conscious novice or the proven pro who needs to keep his costs down:

Let free publicity be your first no-brainer

Step one for announcing your new book should be to write a press release about it and send that document to a site that connects you with the news media.  Some of them, like PRWeb, may charge you more than $50.  However, some of the lesser known publicity-related services can still reach the kind of people who will spread the word.  Remember, the goal here with free venues is publicity.  Put your message in the hands of those who broadcast news items for a living!  Just choose the lower costing options.

A second technique a writer or publisher can use is to run a contest and have your book serve as the reward for winning it.  Then, you could utilize Facebook’s fan page to serve as your cost-free, yet most effective way to announce the contest and provide key details about how one enters to win.  By putting real time and effort into something like this, prospective readers will see you are serious about your work and willing to reach out and engage them.  This concept also provides you a handy means of announcing the book’s entrance into the market.

Utilize Social Media; yet let’s talk about Twitter separately, later on…

A third way to promote your book is by rounding up your social media audience and followers.  How do you “round up” an audience?  Basically, you will want to involve them.  And who are the “them” you’ll try and reach first?  The easy answer is relatives, colleagues, and friends; together, they give you a great place to start promoting your work. These contacts also serve as prime helpers when it comes to announcing your entrance into the book market, creating teasers, or simply grabbing the attention of prospective readers. Thus, you can expand the number of people who might want to purchase your book by creating a teaser and publishing it on several types of social media so your ‘circle’ of friends will read about it.

Fourth, you should consider sending out an email notification to your list of contacts.  As it pertains to people who, besides your friends and relatives, have reached out to you in some way to express interest in your book concept, you should notify this group of your intentions to publish.  Attracting a new audience is important -obviously -yet it would be a shame to not involve those you’ve added to your list because they expressed interest in your book, prior.  Hence, the first step for you as an author is to come up with a fairly comprehensive email list consisting of these key contacts.  They represent for you a “true” target market.

Utilize Websites

A fifth ‘trick’ of the trade is to use free websites to strengthen demand for your work.  Bear in mind, these should NOT take the place of a proven, one-stop publisher like Dragon’s Press.  These are primarily complementary ‘conduits’ for marketing, much like listing your message in a newspaper to reach a greater audience.  Here are some of the more prominent options for accomplishing this:

  • Wattpad
  • Goodreads
  • BookTalk
  • KindleBoards

Since its inception Wattpad has continued to grow rapidly.  Truly, it has become a destination for the world to publish and read e-books.  The Wattpad community publishes a huge, impressive volume of pages for people to read.  And they stay current with recent book releases.

Goodreads allows you to create a free membership where you can promote yourself along with your books. Book reviews form the core of this site’s functionality, and here is where you can stand out to the millions of visitors to this resource.

Through BookTalk you’ll discover an online reading group and a forum for book discussion designed to help people learn about new books -as they enter the market.  Whether you’re an author or publisher looking to promote your books, you can feel welcome to use BookTalk.org as a key tool to reach an extensive audience of avid readers. The site offers you a Google Page Rank of Five (5), boasts over 14,000 members, and it receives close to 700,000 views per month.  All book discussion forums are free and open to everyone, authors and publishers included.  Once you create a free account you can write about your work in either the Fiction Book Forum or Non-Fiction Book Forum.  The site encourages you to mail a few copies of your book to them, and they will see that it gets advertised.  This option grants the author or publisher a great value.

At KindleBoards authors will feel welcome to post content about their books in a section called Book Bazaar.  This site provides a great complimentary strategy to go along with all the other tactics in this article.

A sixth strategy for promoting your book on a budget: Be sure and publish some free samples.  One consultant recommends, in order to grant potential customers a taste of what your book can offer them, take some of your chapters and create pdf files for them to view online.  Providing samples will allow readers to search out your book’s content more thoroughly.  By covering this additional ‘base’ you enable readers to experience the quality of literature you bring to the table.

KDP as an acronym means Kindle Direct Publishing -a rather good move to make

Before using the next few suggestions, experts tell us that you should first request KDP capability from the marketing carrier, in this case Amazon.  Their website will explain this process and it’s relatively easy

Fortunately, there are several free ways to promote your book within Amazon too.  One of these ways is to utilize the “new release” category, where your book can compete briefly against established books.  Another way is to use “New and Noteworthy Kindle E Books” as a category.  This feature grants you 90 days to display your new product, but you have this brief amount of time to enter the market successfully.  In other words, you need to sell a lot of books to maintain your status in this category.  But if your work is compelling enough, this is a goal that is certainly reachable.

Option nine: be ‘presidential’ and put your thoughts out there on Twitter

Although social media was already mentioned, Twitter along with a great site called “Filed By,” grant authors a platform for commenting on topics related to their writing.  For instance, a book about government history could be pulled into the “more relevant category” by having the author tweet about things our government is doing now -current events -that remind readers of lessons learned in the past. In fact, Twitter grants authors an ongoing forum to broadcast commentary related to their book’s content. This budget-friendly strategy should play a vital role in any author’s plans for book promotion.

Finally, opinion leaders can help you too

If you have access to influential figures, these types of people can really help disseminate your message to the masses.  People tend to trust thought leaders, so if one or several of those influential figures endorse what you’ve written, your chances of gaining attention will spike upward.  It may be hard to gain an audience with a prominent person in society, given their frequent time constraints, yet the rewards can be huge if such a person will get behind what you’re doing and tell his followers about it.  Remember, shrewd strategy doesn’t always need to be costly.